About Us

The Dominic Trionfo Memorial Fund is a
public charity under the Internal Revenue
Code 501 (c) (3).  The purpose of this
corporation is to keep Dominic's dreams
and spirits alive.  The corporation is
formed for charitable and community
purposes to serve the Long Island
community.  The corporation's purposes
will be achieved by promoting and
providing water safety, and academic and
athletic scholarship opportunities to local
students.  The corporation will achieve its
mission by providing access to water safety
information and developing, purchasing,
acquiring, maintaining, and distributing
water safety equipment, gear, and
classes.  The corporation will achieve its
mission by holding fund raising events
through the activities that Dominic loved.

The Monat/Martinelli Family -
The Family of Dominic Trionfo
All rights reserved.
The Dominic Trionfo
Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 1023
Middle Island, NY  11953
Dominic Trionfo
October 23, 1997-May 20, 2012
Executive Officers

Sandra Martinelli Monat
Lori Martinelli Cebul

Joseph Cebul
Vice President

Lisa Martinelli Bowman

Vincent Tricarico
Chairman of the Board

Board of Directors

Anita Martinelli
John Martinelli
Noel Monat
Wayne Bowman
On May 20, 2012, what started out as a beautiful day
at the start of the boating season, ended tragically as
our 14 year old Dominic finally got the chance to use
the family’s jet ski on his own, a feat that he was
anticipating since our family had acquired the jet ski
two years before.  Dominic knew that he needed to
get his boater’s license in order to ride on his own.  
Dom took the required boater safety class after he
was eligible at the age of 14 and just couldn’t wait for
this day.  Tragically his anticipation ended in
devastation and he died that fateful day while on his
first solo ride on the jet ski.  

Dominic played football for Longwood High School and
LYSA. He loved the Jets and playing for Longwood.  He
had a compassionate heart and kind soul. On October
23rd Dominic would have been turning 20. He would
have played on the varsity football team and would
have graduated at Longwood High School June 2015.
The class of 2015 voted for him to receive the senior
award, Everyone's Friend.  

To honor Dominic and his love of the water, our family
has established a not-for-profit organization to
promote the importance of boater and water safety
on Long Island.  Our organization has already
distributed over $10,000 in academic and athletic
scholarships to the Longwood Community since 2012
and launched a pilot run of our Boater and Water
Safety Classroom kit in spring 2017.